How to configure SFreya

  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. Search for SFreyagoogle-play
  3. Download SFreya and install
  4. After installation, run the SFreya
  5. It asks for “Account Code” and “Mobile Number” (If you have registered with UAdept and haven’t got your account code yet, email us at to get your account code and registered mobile number)                sfreya-login
  6. After login, it will show all your keywords configured
  7. You can enable or disable the call feature where every incoming call is recorded and a pre-defined message or action can be performed on it
  8. Once everything is setup, SFreya looks like this       sf-education

For any issues or challenges or support, write to

Freedom for Idea Retailers with MFreya

In the age of mobile apps, there is still a huge population tIdea_Cellular_Logo.svghat still survive on the Calls and SMS only. For any telecom operator, getting the required information from the retailers or other users is necessary for getting the desired revenues in place.

Retailers of Idea cellular can now do all their activities on MFreya. From now on :

  • DON’T remember the short-codes
  • DON’T remember the keywords
  • DON’T remember the format
  • NO more errors

MFreya gives the freedom from typing the whole length formats and ensures data accuracy at the same time. MFreya gives the following formats at the moment and more can be configured on the fly:

  • New SIM Activation: 51133 with “ACT” keyword
  • Quick Outstation Verification: 55177 with “OS” keyword
  • Mobile Number Search: 55501 with “PR SEA” keyword
  • Check Activation Status: 51133 with “REP” keyword
  • Check Port-In Status: 51133 with “MNP” keyword
  • Best Offer for Customer: *122# USSD
  • Check Current Points: 55177 with “SL POINT” keyword
  • My Location (FoS/Retailer): 9873645444 with “MYLOC” keyword

All of the above are available with their respective formats and options ensuring smooth working for market retailers and smooth business for Idea without any errors and ensuring all the data is captured flawlessly. The options mentioned above actually trigger an SMS, CALL or USSD session as configured and as how sales force triggers an action.


Now receive and process SMS using your mobile with Mobile SMS Gateway – SFreya

sFreya is an innovative piece of software that works as a handheld sfreyaSMS gateway. For any organization to extend any service on SMS, it requires huge costs to be able to accept and process incoming SMSes. For the first time and as a first in the market, sFreya brings to organizations the Power in the Palm. With this, a light-weight SMS gateway is installed that accepts incoming SMSes in a prescribed format and processes it as per the business logic.

In addition to processing SMSes, sFreya also processes incoming calls and takes action as configured.

How does sFreya work?

sFreya implements a highly sophisticated algorithm to receive and process incoming SMSes with high precision. It accepts and can send the information back to the sender after processing the requests. The SMS initiator initiates the SMS in the prescribed format and as configured at sFreya. sFreya smart engine used the keywords configured to take specific actions.

Any number of keywords can be configured for an organization. Each incoming messages is analyzed and keyword identified. Along with it are analyzed the list of parameters that have been configured. It received all SMSes and processes as defined.