Aircel Retailers on MFreya now

With the launch of Idea on MFreya with the universal retailer app for aircelIndia, Aircel has been brought on board with most of their SMS and USSD formats. With the advent of this flexi-app for all telecom retailers and distributors, now no:

  • DON’T remember the short-codes
  • DON’T remember the keywords
  • DON’T remember the format
  • NO more errors

This gives immense freedom to operators and retailers to focus on their core business without worrying about the keywords, short-codes, formats or anything. Market rollout happens in minutes and anyone on MFreya just has to do the standard SYNC on the app.

Currently offering the following with their respective formats, more can be configured on the fly.

  • New SIM Activation: 111 with no keyword (SMS)
  • MNP Activation: 888 with “UPC” keyword (SMS)
  • Check CEF Status: 171 with “CAF” keyword (SMS)
  • SIM Replacement: 171 with “SIMSWAP” keyword (SMS)
  • Last 5 recharges: 171 with “L5R” keyword (SMS)
  • Get SR Status: 171 with “SRSTATUS” keyword (SMS)
  • MRP Details (SOMA): *150*MOBNO# (USSD)
  • Retailer Activation Summary: 171 with “RACT” keyword (SMS)
  • Tertiary & KPI: 171 with “RETP” keyword (SMS)
  • Retailer Helpline: 171 on call (Voice Call)

All of the above are available with their respective formats and options ensuring smooth working for Aircel retailers and smooth business for Aircel without any errors and ensuring all the data is sent flawlessly. The options mentioned above actually trigger an SMS, CALL or USSD session configured and as how sales force triggers an action. More can be configured that can be directed to any website links that will ensure none of the market & sales force are ever required to remember the links and can carry on with their business seamlessly.