SOS for all android users even without internet

MFreya has helped many by introducing the services┬áthat are beyond data connection. In a major advancement that brings hope to people when their loved ones are not answering and want to locate them for their safety, MFreya brings a critical feature or SoS and reverse-SoS that doesn’t even require a data connection.

mfreya HomeSoS sends an automated SMS to the authorized numbers every 30 minutes.
MFreya allows a user to configure 3 authorized numbers. But the most effective feature that allows a reverse-SoS. In a reverse SoS, any authorized mobile number can initiate an SMS with the text ‘mfSOS’ to┬áthe user of authorizing mobile to get the reverse SoS SMS with the complete url of google maps with location details without any user intervention. A click on the link opens up the map showing exact location of the authorizing number.

Locate a buddyThis has a great usability in India where the safety of women is of prime concern. Its ideal if you want to locate your loved ones in the need of the hour, when every second counts…

SoS/Reverse-SoS – Made in India!!