SFreya adds “Bulk SMS” to its platform

SFreya extends bulk SMS push feature to its existing set of features. With this now, users and Small/Medium Enterprises can utilize this feature to send bulk or push SMSes to their customers without the need of any bulk SMS gateway channels.

It also comes with an api that can be used to push the SMSes to any number using the account credentials. To use this functionality in any of the company SMEs, all that is required is an OTP and account code along with the api to push the SMSes in an automated way.

The API call is made in both directions to SFreya cloud. One is made to push the bulk SMSes to the platform using any application. And SFreya uses the authentication based api to pull the data of SMSes to be sent to all the devices. Alternatively, bulk push SMS data can also be loaded into the system with the help of support team.

Aircel Retailers on MFreya now

With the launch of Idea on MFreya with the universal retailer app for aircelIndia, Aircel has been brought on board with most of their SMS and USSD formats. With the advent of this flexi-app for all telecom retailers and distributors, now no:

  • DON’T remember the short-codes
  • DON’T remember the keywords
  • DON’T remember the format
  • NO more errors

This gives immense freedom to operators and retailers to focus on their core business without worrying about the keywords, short-codes, formats or anything. Market rollout happens in minutes and anyone on MFreya just has to do the standard SYNC on the app.

Currently offering the following with their respective formats, more can be configured on the fly.

  • New SIM Activation: 111 with no keyword (SMS)
  • MNP Activation: 888 with “UPC” keyword (SMS)
  • Check CEF Status: 171 with “CAF” keyword (SMS)
  • SIM Replacement: 171 with “SIMSWAP” keyword (SMS)
  • Last 5 recharges: 171 with “L5R” keyword (SMS)
  • Get SR Status: 171 with “SRSTATUS” keyword (SMS)
  • MRP Details (SOMA): *150*MOBNO# (USSD)
  • Retailer Activation Summary: 171 with “RACT” keyword (SMS)
  • Tertiary & KPI: 171 with “RETP” keyword (SMS)
  • Retailer Helpline: 171 on call (Voice Call)

All of the above are available with their respective formats and options ensuring smooth working for Aircel retailers and smooth business for Aircel without any errors and ensuring all the data is sent flawlessly. The options mentioned above actually trigger an SMS, CALL or USSD session configured and as how sales force triggers an action. More can be configured that can be directed to any website links that will ensure none of the market & sales force are ever required to remember the links and can carry on with their business seamlessly.


Freedom for Idea Retailers with MFreya

In the age of mobile apps, there is still a huge population tIdea_Cellular_Logo.svghat still survive on the Calls and SMS only. For any telecom operator, getting the required information from the retailers or other users is necessary for getting the desired revenues in place.

Retailers of Idea cellular can now do all their activities on MFreya. From now on :

  • DON’T remember the short-codes
  • DON’T remember the keywords
  • DON’T remember the format
  • NO more errors

MFreya gives the freedom from typing the whole length formats and ensures data accuracy at the same time. MFreya gives the following formats at the moment and more can be configured on the fly:

  • New SIM Activation: 51133 with “ACT” keyword
  • Quick Outstation Verification: 55177 with “OS” keyword
  • Mobile Number Search: 55501 with “PR SEA” keyword
  • Check Activation Status: 51133 with “REP” keyword
  • Check Port-In Status: 51133 with “MNP” keyword
  • Best Offer for Customer: *122# USSD
  • Check Current Points: 55177 with “SL POINT” keyword
  • My Location (FoS/Retailer): 9873645444 with “MYLOC” keyword

All of the above are available with their respective formats and options ensuring smooth working for market retailers and smooth business for Idea without any errors and ensuring all the data is captured flawlessly. The options mentioned above actually trigger an SMS, CALL or USSD session as configured and as how sales force triggers an action.


Keeping your loved ones safe with Reverse-SoS without data

MFreya implements unique feature that will ensure safety of millions of women, families and loved ones. It helps ensure that their loved ones are always safe by knowing their location even without data connection.

Configuring MFreya for SoS, auto-SoS and reverse SoS

Follow easy steps below to configure SoS, auto-SoS and reverse SoS

  1. Download mfreya from Google Play Store.
  2. Install and sign-upmfreya Home
  3. Open MFreya and go to Settingsmfreya Settings
  4. Open SoS settingsConfiguring SoS
  5. Enter any 3 authorized numbers for SoS
  6. For SoS, when the user clicks the SoS button in red on the home page of the app, mfreya triggers an SMS with the last location stored on the phone to the authorized numbers with the Google Maps link.
  7. Enable auto-SoS, if required. This will send an SMS every 30 minutes with the phone location to all the authorized numbers with the Google Maps link.
  8. For reverse-SoS, any authorized number can send ‘mfSOS’ to the mobile phone with MFreya installed and the phone will send the location back to the authorized user without any intervention from the device with the Google Maps link.Locate a buddy

For this to be work accurately, GPS needs to be enabled whenever the SOS service needs to be used. So, for example, whenever someone is stepping out of home. A must have for all around the world for safety and security of your loved ones.

For sure,
Made in India,
Made for the World 


Multi-department, single app – MFreya goes to Bangladesh

MFreya launched “Public Services” for Bangladesh with a small list of options covering Railways, Banks and helplines.bangladesh

A list of Public Services is listed below:

  • Bangladesh Railways
    • Current Train Location (SMS)
    • Book/Buy Ticket (USSD)
  • Banks
    • Islami Bank Bangladesh
      • Balance Inquiry (SMS)
      • Mini Account Statement (SMS)
      • Account Information (SMS)
      • Phone Banking (Call)
    • NCC Bank
      • Balance Inquiry (SMS)
      • Transaction Inquiry (SMS)
      • Cheque Book Request (SMS)
      • Account List (SMS)
      • Change PIN (SMS)
      • Help (SMS)
    • Dutch Bangla Bank
      • Balance Inquiry (SMS)
      • Statement Inquiry (SMS)
      • PIN Change (SMS)
  • Helpline Numbers
    • Violence against Women and Children (Call)
    • Child Helpline (Call)
    • Factory Workers Helpline (Call)

This list of Public Services will keep on growing as and when we receive more inputs.



Single App, multiple departments – List of Public Services on MFreya

MFreya came out with a complete list of public services that can be used in various languages.

MFreya supports all languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil and many more…

  • Indian RailwaysPublic Services-Bengali
    • PNR Enquiry (SMS)
    • Train Arrival Departure Enquiry (SMS)
    • Accommodation Availability (SMS)
    • Fare Enquiry (SMS)
    • Train Time Table (SMS)
    • Train Name or Number (SMS)
    • Tran Schedule (SMS)
    • Spot your Train Position (SMS)
    • Call Railways Enquiry (Call)
  • India Post
    • Parcel Tracking (SMS)
    • Electronic Money Order (SMS)
  • Banks
    • ICICI
      • Balance Enquiry (SMS)
      • Last 3 transactions (SMS)
      • Cheque Status Enquiry (SMS)Public Services-Tamil
      • Stop Cheque Request (SMS)
      • Cheque Book Request (SMS)
    • HDFCBalance Enquiry (SMS)
      • Mini Statement (SMS)
      • Cheque Book Request (SMS)
      • Cheque Status Enquiry (SMS)
      • Stop Cheque (SMS)
    • State Bank of India
      • Balance Enquiry by Call (Call)
      • Balance Enquiry by SMS (SMS)
      • Mini Statement by Call (Call)
      • Mini Statement by SMS (SMS)
      • Block ATM Card (SMS)
  • Life Insurance Corporate of IndiaInstallment Premium (SMS)
    • Revival Amount (SMS)
    • Bonus Vested for Policy (SMS)
    • Loan eligibility against Policy (SMS)
    • Know Nomination Details (SMS)
  • KISAAN (mKisan)
    • Kisaan Help (SMs)
    • Unsubscribe from mKisan Portal (SMS)
    • Registration (SMS)
    • Feedback (SMS)
    • Mandi Price (SMS)
    • Farmer Centric Services (USSD)
    • Data Entry Mandi Prices and Arrivals (USSD)
    • Fertilizer Daily Sale Entry (USSD)
  • National Helpline Numbers
    • Women Helpline (Call)
    • Anti-ragging (Call)
    • AIDS Helpline (Call)
    • National Consumer Helpline (Call)
    • Police Control Room (Call)
    • Ambulance Helpline (Call)
    • Fire Service Helpline (Call)
  • Miscellaneous Services
    • EPFO > Activate UAT (SMS)
    • EPFO > Check Balance (SMS)
    • EPFO > Check Balance by Call (Call)
    • PM Tweets on SMS (Call)
    • Check Vehicle Details – VAHAN (SMS)
    • Track Passport Application Status (SMS)

All the above services are available for free use to aid Indian citizens in multiple languages.


MFreya for Senior Citizens

MFreya launched various public services for Indian citizens that is going to be a lot more helpful for Senior Citizens. In the age of internet, there are still a very high number of people, especially seniors, who are not well versed with the technology. They might have the latest swanky phones given to them by the kids but they will still use it mainly to talk. Even messaging is not so extensively used by them.

In addition to this, another challenge is the language. Not many platforms and applications public-servicesare available in multiple languages. MFreya platform comes in multiple languages for our seniors who are more comfortable in their local language. For this, MFreya comes in Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and English. This will help using all options of Public Services for someone who would do everything in their local language.

MFreya offers following features for free use in local language:

  • Indian Railways
  • India Post
  • Banks
    • SBI
    • ICICI Bank
    • HDFC Bank
  • Life Insurance Corporation of India
  • Kisaan (mKisan)
  • National Helpline Number (e.g. Women Helpline, Anti-ragging, Police, Fire, etc.)
  • Misc. Services (EPFO, PM Tweets, Vahan, etc.)

All of these are available in local language for use to help in delivering a lot of value for senior citizens of our country who would prefer everything localized and simple.

Multi-lingual MFreya

UAdept launched multi-lingual features on MFreya to support the major languages of India. Currently supported are English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi and Telugu. public-services

All the features launched are supported with these languages. These include “Public Services” and for MFreya corporate clients as well. Other languages if required to be integrated can be done on the fly. This is done by doing simple configurations in the platform. Indian Railways example in various languages is shown below.

Indian-Railways-BengaliIndian Railways - Telugu Indian Railways-English

Indian Railways-Hindi Indian Railways-Tamil

This becomes very important for millions of our fellow citizens who understand only their native language.

MFreya on Google Play

MFreya was launched on Google Play.


It will be available with a host of “Public Services” for everyone’s use. Its free to use and even the registration is free. It will help all common citizens with feature that will work even without internet. Some of the services include India Post, Banks, LIC, mKisan, etc.

Indian Railways on MFreya

MFreya today launched Indian Railways for the citizens of India. In many cases, we need to check PNR or train availability or many other options even when there is no data connectivity or when we don’t have a data plan.

And to help many in need, MFreya has launched Indian Railways-Englishthe below mentioned options for free use on SMS/CALL for all citizens. It offers the following features on SMS:

  • PNR Enquiry
  • Train Arrival Departure Enquiry
  • Accommodation Availability
  • Fare Enquiry
  • Train Time Table
  • Tran Name or Number Enquiry
  • Train Schedule
  • Call Railways Enquiry

MFreya is now available on Google Play for everyone to use.

MFreya – flexible android platform for all

MFreyamFreya is an business friendly, multi-lingual and smart handheld platform that enables businesses to go mobile in negligible time.

It involves the process of enabling the business process directly on a smart device with just a few configurations. It is an ideal piece for both a hi-tech setup and both rural/urban market where all and any kind of customer is crucial.

mFreya supports most mobile based channels that include Call, USSD, SMS, Internet and Email channels. Extending business processes to the end users has never been so easy.

Stick around to know more about the product and stay updated.