Keeping your loved ones safe with Reverse-SoS without data

MFreya implements unique feature that will ensure safety of millions of women, families and loved ones. It helps ensure that their loved ones are always safe by knowing their location even without data connection.

Configuring MFreya for SoS, auto-SoS and reverse SoS

Follow easy steps below to configure SoS, auto-SoS and reverse SoS

  1. Download mfreya from Google Play Store.
  2. Install and sign-upmfreya Home
  3. Open MFreya and go to Settingsmfreya Settings
  4. Open SoS settingsConfiguring SoS
  5. Enter any 3 authorized numbers for SoS
  6. For SoS, when the user clicks the SoS button in red on the home page of the app, mfreya triggers an SMS with the last location stored on the phone to the authorized numbers with the Google Maps link.
  7. Enable auto-SoS, if required. This will send an SMS every 30 minutes with the phone location to all the authorized numbers with the Google Maps link.
  8. For reverse-SoS, any authorized number can send ‘mfSOS’ to the mobile phone with MFreya installed and the phone will send the location back to the authorized user without any intervention from the device with the Google Maps link.Locate a buddy

For this to be work accurately, GPS needs to be enabled whenever the SOS service needs to be used. So, for example, whenever someone is stepping out of home. A must have for all around the world for safety and security of your loved ones.

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