UAdept helps a food chain implement on-demand coupons, survey, feedback and polls with SFreya without any mobile apps

SFreya was implemented recently for a major food chain in India for feedback and getting offers on the fly. Any customer visiting any out of the outlet can call a number with a missed call for giving a positive feedback that had SFreya installed on it. All calls with a positive feedback were recorded automatically and were sent automated coupon codes instantly. Later on using “Bulk SMS” feature of SFreya, any new offers or deals or new items added to the menu were SMSed to the customers.

This improved the stickiness of the customer with the brand. In addition to it, it gave the brand and the company a medium to serve the customers through an addition channel and to capture the information of the customers visiting their dine-in locations.

Its a perfect alternative for businesses who wouldn’t want their customers to install yet another app and yet serve their customer in a better way with alternate communication channels.

“Having multiple channels to connect with customers and being able to serve them immediately and automatically is something that is delightful. SFreya has given us that immediate edge over competition.

– Ankush K., Founder SportsBar


How SFreya can do wonders for Small and Medium Enterprises

Freya is a smart piece of innovation that can help Small and Medium Enterprises connect with their customers in an automated way. Its a perfect way to collect and respond automatically to customers any time of the day. It also helps businesses integrate customer mobile number related actions in an automated way.

Why SFreya? Because “Mobile Automation is the key to Efficiency”

Some of the immediate impacts that can be implemented in hours are…

  1. Collect customer data for all incoming calls automatically in your way.
  2. Receive customer SMSes with “keywords” like HELP, ORDER, etc.
  3. Auto-response to “keywords” on the basis of the business logic.
  4. Perform actions on the basis of the “keywords” and following data like ORDER <order number>, PRICE <product number>, DUES <student id>, etc.
  5. Collect incoming calling number information and use it to perform actions like BALANCE, MINI STATEMENT, LAST TRANSACTION, etc.
  6. Use “Missed call” facility to conduct call based polls, like receiving a “Yes”or a “No” for a poll by just a missed call, or to get a “positive”or a “negative” feedback of a product, or to get a feedback on
  7. Use “Bulk SMS”facility for sending Push SMS and integrate home-grown and bespoke applications to integrate with PUSH SMS facility using an android mobile device.

SFreya is an amazing piece of android device software that businesses can go-live within a week with most of their system automation and connecting with the businesses. With SFreya, businesses can personalize the user experience with a simple call or an SMS. It enables multiple channels for businesses to respond and communicate with customer 24×7.

Solution for quick business 24×7 automation using SMS and calls:

  • Quality and Consistency
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced Costs
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Reliable and Customer Response Automation
  • Central Management and Control
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Increased Revenue
  • Automated Reporting & Analysis